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Speaking of Angels...
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I wrote an article about drawing an angel.  Well, it just wasn’t any angel – it was
how to visualize and draw your angel.  You see I believe that if you quiet your
mind that your angel will reveal himself or herself to you.  I believe that you don’
t have to possess any great artistic talent to put that image on paper or canvas.  
In fact, I love the beautiful images that we can create of our angels.  I love the
light and love that is projected from these personal drawings.

Well, what amazed me about this brief article that I wrote was how many people
viewed the article.  Suddenly I knew that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts about
angels.  There were actually a lot of other people who shared my curiosity and
belief in their existence.      

What happened next was the synchronicity that seemed to follow that thought
that I had.  Shortly after having so many people view that article I
happened to read something that Billy Graham said, “God uses angels to work
out the destinies of men and nations.”  So, I thought, Billy Graham one of the
great religious leaders of our time believes in not only the existence of angels
but of the role that they play in our lives and in the destiny of our nation… Then,
I told myself that angels are in the bible so why would I be surprised that Billy
Graham would believe in their existence.

I began thinking about famous people who believed in angels and again,
suddenly there it was right in front of me – a short sentence by Benjamin
Franklin.  He was one of the founding fathers of our country.  He was a scientist,
an inventor, and a curious thinker of his time.  When it came to angels he said,
“Flowers are the alphabet of angels, whereby they write on the hills and fields
mysterious truths.”

To think that flowers are the alphabet of angels…the beauty…the brilliance of
their colors…the fragrance…the delicate petals…the alphabet of angels…a poetic
thought for an inventor and scientist…

Throughout time man has wondered about the existence of angels.  We have had
to rely on faith in our quest for the mysterious truth about them.  The mysterious
truth that eludes us…

I guess the point is that whether you are a religious leader, an inventor, or an
average person the existence of angels is something that has crossed
your mind at one time or another.  And, after so many people seemed interested
in drawing their own angel I thought I would share that process with you.  

If you are curious about visualizing and drawing your angel here’s all that
you have to do.

Free yourself from all of your artistic inhibitions and understand that you will
draw from within – from your heart.

Choose what your medium will be – pen and paper, charcoal, watercolor, etc
Find a quiet place and ask spirit to show your angel to you, ask that it
happen under grace and in the perfect way.  Then be prepared to see your angel
in your mind’s eye.  Just relax – you will be surprised at how easy it is.

Now that you have met your angel begin drawing your angel.  There is no
right or wrong way.  Draw from your heart – it is that easy! Enjoy the

I wish that we could all share our pictures with each other.  I’m sure that
they would be as different and unique as we are.  I’m also sure that they would
be filled with heavenly light and love…

...A gentle breeze carries the whispers of angels...
Drawing Your Angel
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