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Encouragement from my Angels to write a book about them...

My angels have encouraged, nudged me, whispered to me softly as I drifted off to sleep to write
a book about them.  I've been told to share a sparkly bit of my writing, which has been lovingly
given to me by those magnificent beings...  The book is complete, "Your Angels Surround You,"
can be found on

Angels magnificent beings of dazzling divine light who fill my life with indescribable joy, hope,
and love.  They surround me; unseen yet felt.  Silent but present.  They wait quietly by my side.  
They wait patiently for a thought, a whisper, a question, an acknowledgement of their presence,
even a smile of happiness.  I am so very grateful for their Angelic blessings.

Each day begins in quiet contemplation.  I reach out to them in the early morning hours, softly
asking them for their assistance in all things, not only for myself but for others.  I ask them to
send healing light to those in need.  I ask them to help our country stay safe.  I ask them to
wrap their loving arms around my family, and to protect them throughout the day.  I ask that my
daughter and granddaughter have a magnificent day – and, that their day be filled with laughter,
success, and love.  And then, I thank them graciously for their help…and, my day begins.
Throughout the day, I feel them by my side, and smile at all of the serendipitous happenings that
occur, which are a sure sign of their presence in my life.  The hummingbird that flutters close to
me as I water my flowers – awakening me to the wonders of nature; surely the work of the
garden Angels.  The song on the radio that reminds me of my husband, and the smile of a
stranger as I rush through the grocery store.  Signs of the love that surrounds us all.  Yes,
serendipitous signs of the presence of Angels in my life.

Even as I write I feel their gentleness surround me, and I know that these are the Angels of
creativity.  You see, creativity gives your spirit a voice.  Yes, a beautiful voice filled with
emotion, and sensitivity.  I call these Angels of creativity my Angels of Whimsy.  They open a
world of magnificent beauty to me, they encourage me to write from the heart, and share my
spiritual thoughts with the world.  My Angels of Whimsy make me smile inside, and give me a
sense of creative freedom.  They open the door to a magical, mystical, place of beauty.  It is a
place that is filled with words, colors, and heartfelt feelings.  Beautiful visions and images dance
through my head.  Stories and books present themselves to me, and I scramble to get paper and
pen to jot them down quickly before the wondrous ideas vanish from my mind.  Thoughts that
clarify the many questions that I have suddenly pop into my head; surely it is the work of my
Angels of Whimsy…

In my mind I see them dancing and giggling, encouraging me to be a free spirit…and I in turn
smile as I enter their world of Whimsy.  I feel such freedom and joy as I create, whether it is
with the written word or through my attempts at drawing and painting. I love having my Angels
of Whimsy by my side, and I can’t imagine a life without them.

I have been nudged by my Angel of Wisdom to write this book.  She is an Angel that is one of the
Ancient Ones, her wisdom is the wisdom of the Ages and beyond.  I now realize that she has
been by my side since I was born.  As I reached the age of wisdom she presented herself to me.  
My Angel of Wisdom is a beautiful being of light and love, and my vision of her is very clear.  She
is dressed in white, her white hair is long and curly.  She sparkles from head to toe, and her voice
is gentle.  She answers my every question, and is my liaison between the heavenly realm and the
earthly realm.  Yes, she has encouraged me to write this book.  She wants me to share my
knowledge and experience of the Angels that have been in my life with you.  She also wants me
to encourage you to draw the Angels into your life.

You see your Angels are waiting for you to reach out to them.  They want you to ask them for
their help.  You can ask them for help with anything, and they will be there.  They will surround
you with their light and love.  They are waiting for you now; yes, this very moment they are
waiting for your thought, your whisper, your question… Reach out to them, and your life will
change forever...and you too will dance to the magical spiritual symphony of life with your Angels
by your side…

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