Following the Spiritual Soul
Finding the spiritual in our everyday lives...

Give Your Spirit a Voice...

Remember what it was like when you were a child and you were given a
big, fresh, blank piece of paper and a new box of crayons?  Remember
what it was like when it was your turn to paint?  Those were the days
when you enjoyed creating.  Those were the days when you were free to
create; uninhibited you turned that blank piece of paper into your work of
art.  You used your imagination and created from within, loving every
minute of it.

But somewhere along the way some of us became discouraged with our
creations.  Maybe it was a classmate’s giggle, or someone telling us that
our flowers really didn’t look like flowers at all, or that the grass had to be
green.  Whatever it was in time some of us became discouraged and
creating was no longer fun – it became an effort – we just felt that we
weren’t good enough.

Yet, creating from within is how we give our spirit a voice.  When we
sketch, doodle, paint, take photos, scrapbook, or even garden we are
giving our spirit a voice.  Ever notice how you feel after you have spent
some time doing something creative that you love to do?  Maybe your
passion is playing a musical instrument, writing poetry, journaling, sewing,
woodworking, or singing in a choir.  Whatever it is think of how you feel
after you have spent time doing that creative thing that you totally love to
do…think of the time you have spent when you are free to create.

The best part is that you are free to share or not to share what you have
created.  You see it can be just for you.  You can give your spirit a voice
that can just be heard by you if that is what you choose.  When we create
something not only are we giving our spirit a voice but we are also feeling
our spirit within.

Henry Ward Beecher the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe once said,
“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into
his pictures.”  Isn’t that a beautiful thought?  When we think of our
artistic efforts in that vein it puts a whole different perspective on things...
food for thought…It is no wonder that the creative process is used to
heal, to help us to cope with stress, and to work through traumatic
experiences – we put our soul into our creations.

Have you given your spirit a voice?  Do you allow it to speak through
some type of creative activity?  For years my excuse was that I just didn’t
have time.  I mean after all, I was married, I had a family to take care of,
and a career; I didn’t have time.

Now, I wonder how I survived without my writing.  I wonder why I didn’t
start journaling earlier in my life.  I couldn’t have been that busy!  So, if
there is something creative that you used to love to do but no longer
have time for; try making time for it.  Your spirit will love having its voice
again.  Because when you are free to create you do, “dip your brush in
your own soul, and paint your own nature into that which you create.”  Be
free to create…give your spirit a voice…feel your spirit…and remember it is
up to you if you want to share or not to share…

There is a wonderful book that I would like to recommend to you.  It is
written by Aviva Gold and it is titled, “Painting From the Source –
Awakening the Artist’s Soul in Everyone.”  

Be Free to Create!

Although I am a writer of spiritual and
children’s stories I never felt compelled to
write “songs” until after my husband’s
death.  You see there are no limitations to
creativity...  It was as if his death connected
me directly to the source of life and love;
telling me to share the feelings that I held
deep within the depths of my heart and
soul.  I knew that I was not alone and that
all those who lost the love of their life
shared these feelings.    

My generation has reached the twilight of
their years and I felt that it was important to
show the world our everlasting love for our
partners, for our soul mates, for those that
we walked through life and death with.  I
wanted my music to show not only how I
loved and lost but also how I will never
forget.  And, that’s why “My Love Songs” are
important to me.  You see there are no
limitations to free to create
and give your spirit a voice.

I wrote the lyrics to my songs and Gerry
Peters of
Midi Magic Studio in Nashville,
TN wrote the music (co-writer/work for
hire) and created the songs for me.

The spirit of my songs is derived from my
life. They are songs of love and they are
written from my heart – dedicated to the
love of my life –
my loving husband of 35 years.

(Just click on one of the titles below to
listen to our love songs...follow your
heart and be free to create...)

We'll Never Say Good-Bye

Love Beyond The Veil

I Thought We Had Forever