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During one of the most difficult times of
my life, (the death of my husband of 35
years,) I was given a wonderful
opportunity to write a weekly column
(Following the Spiritual Soul) for a
small South Carolina newspaper.
“Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom,” is a
collection of those monthly columns.

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After writing, “Sparkly Bits of Spiritual
Wisdom,” I began thinking that there is
so much more that I would like to share
with you that would help you put some
sparkle back into your everyday life!
These are simple things, a gentle
reminder from your inner child, a
nudge from spirit to laugh, love,
dream, and create... Sparkly Bits of
Spiritual Wisdom for Women 29 1/2
Ways for Women to Get in Touch With
their Spirits Quick and Easy Ways to
Feel Refreshed and Put Joy Back into
Your Life

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The death of my husband tore apart
my world. This book contains my
innermost thoughts as I came to grips
with his death. My writing helped me
deal with my terrible loss. Chapters in
this book were written at various times
as I grieved. There is one recurring
theme, and that is that we remain
connected through our love. I call it the
love connection. This love connection
is what enabled me to survive after the
death of my husband. As you read my
words it is my hope that you too will be
able to focus on your love connection
as you struggle with your loss...

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Children's Books

I have also written several children's books.
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